Kabale District Council approves the takeover of 8 schools by Government.

Kabale District Council approves the takeover of 8 schools by Government.

By Alex Byakatonda


The Kabale district council has today unanimously approved the coding and takeover of eight primary schools by Government.

The motion for the approval of the takeover of the schools, was moved by the Health, Education and Community Based services committee Chairperson, also the Southern Division Female Councillor, Lydia Turyasingura, before it was unanimously approved by the house.

The schools are Buturwagye, St Stephens Mwendo, St Jude Hamuganda in Mwendo parish, St Jude Hamuganda in Bukoora parish and Buturwagye Primary school in Bushuro parish, all in Kitumba sub county, Kyabona Primary school in Katenga parish of Kamuganguzi sub county and Nyakijumba Prrimary school in Katokye parish of Kyanamira Sub county.
Others are, Butenga p/s in Butenga parish of Rubaya Sub county, Karubanda P/s in Muyebe Parish of Buhara Sub county and Nyakasharara P/s in Nyakasharara parish of Kaharo Sub county.

The District Workers representative, George Saturday Kakwenza, said that he could not object to the motion, because the takeover of the schools will help to move education services closer to the communities as well as saving the pupils, who have been trekking long distances to seek services. He cites an example of pupils walking eight kilometers from Hamuganda parish to Katenga primary school in Kitumba Sub County.

The District Male Youth councillor, Ronald Bagamuhunda, says that as council, they that despite the eight schools being annexes to other government primary schools, they are in a sorry state due to lack of funding. He hastens to add that the takeover of schools, could provide job opportunities to make people, who will be employed like teachers and support staff.

The acting district Education officer, Moses Bwengye Tumwijukye, welcomed the adoption and approval for the takeover of the eight schools, saying that the council has approved the schools after getting convinced that they have enough land for future expansion. He adds that once the Ministry of education and Sports, approves the takeover of the schools, the number of Government aided primary schools in the District, will increase from 113 to 121.

The Kabale District Speaker, Flavia Nyinakiiza Kanagyizi, said that the request now awaits tabling and scrutiny by the Ministry of Education and Sports.


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