Kabale district disaster Management committee, trained on disaster Preparedness and Management.

Kabale district disaster Management committee, trained on disaster Preparedness and Management.

Leaders in Kabale district, are calling on government to increase funding for the disaster preparedness and management, so as to be equipped and ensure that they are able to cope with and manage the disasters that always happen in the district.

The leaders made the call today, during the start of the three day training of Kabale district disaster management committee, by officials from the office of Prime Minister and the ministry of water and Environment, held in the district administration boardroom. Opening the training, the Kabale Chief Administrative officer, Edmond Ntimba, said that the district, always experiences several disasters like floods, especially at the onset of every rainy season.

The Kabale district Natural resources officer, Dr Rogers Akatwijuka, who is also the secretary to the district disaster management committee, said that they always face challenges like failure to get information about the magnitude of the disaster, delayed response and inadequate financial support while responding to these disasters. He cited in 2017, when they quantified a loss of 57 billion shillings in the sub counties on Rubaya and Butanda, but the district was unable to get the funds.  He also said that the committee is always incapacitated in responding to disasters and emergencies because of lack of funds, since the committee at the lower local governments are non functional.

In response, Raymond Kirungi, an officer from the office of the Prime Minister in the disaster Preparedness and Management, said that during their interaction with the committee members, it was realized that there is need to always provide early warnings about disaster risk areas. On the issue of limited resources, Kirungi said that government has established a contingency funds, to respond to disasters in the numerous districts.


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