Kabale district sets key priority programs for the 2022/23 Financial year.

Kabale district sets key priority programs for the 2022/23 Financial year.

By Alex Byakatonda.


The Kabale district LC5 Chairpeson, Nelson Nshangabasheija, has revealed that the district budget for the 2022/23 financial year, will put emphasis on promotion of Infrastructure development in roads, Human capital development, water and sanitation and Agro-industrialization, in order to achieve the needs of the local as well as socioeconomic transformation.


Nshangabasheija made the observation today, while speaking during the district budget and planning consultative meeting for the financial year 2022-2023 held at the district Rukiiko hall in Kabale municipality.

He observed today’s planning meeting, was an important stage in the district’s budgeting process, since all stakeholders shared key Investment priorities, guidance on key government policies and programmes, as it came up with key priority interventions that will be incorporated in the District work-plan and budget for the Financial year 2022/2023.

Nshangabasheija added that the budget strategy for the 2022/23 financial is in line with the National Development Plan III (NDPIII), which sets out a goal of increasing average household incomes and improve the quality of life for all Ugandans by 2025.

In his address, the Kabale district chief Administrative officer, Edmond Ntimba, also said that the budget strategy for FY 2022/2023 aims at achieving three broad strategic interventions which include, sustaining Macro -economic stability and National security, mitigating the impact of Covid -19, preparing for possibility of a third wave and bringing the economy to normality as much as possible, as well as recovering of the economy and building a resilient base for socioeconomic transformation.

The district Principal Human resource officer, Jacenta Tushabomwe, also said that as the district leadership, they will ensure full scale implementation of Parish Development Model as a way of eradicating poverty, and processing and payment of staff salaries and pension as well as recruitment of key staff to critical positions and replacements to enhance capacity building of the public service.

She also said that regional development will be centred on stimulating Growth potential of the district in key growth opportunities of agri-business, tourism, minerals and manufacturing and closing infrastructure gaps for exploitation of local economic potential like through Council study tour.


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