Kabale district starts fourth round of Covid-19 vaccination.

Kabale district starts fourth round of Covid-19 vaccination.

By Alex Byakatonda


Kabale district has today started its fourth round of vaccination against the Covid-19 virus.

On Monday this week, the district received the fourth batch of Covid-19 vaccines, which included, 460 doses of AstraZeneca vaccines and 2,535 doses of modern vaccines from National medical stores, according to the Kabale district assistant health officer in charge of child and maternal health, Paddy Mwesigye. Mwesigye adds that the 460 doses of AstraZeneca, are meant cater for all people, who received their first jab and are due for their second, while the 2,535 doses of Modern, will be inoculated to people, set to receive their first dose.

Mwesigye, added that teachers, who were inoculated with Sinovac vaccine, for their first dose should wait up to next week to receive their second dose.

According to information from the district Health, a total of 7, 977 people, have received their first doze, while 3,633 have been fully vaccinated. These include the 791 health workers, who have received their first dose and 213 armed officers, who have been fully vaccinated. Others are, 1,996 non categorized people, 1407 older persons, 3,442 teachers and 126 people with comorbidities, who have all received their first doze.



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