Kabale RDC rallies Nrm leadership to empower supporters to neutralize all opposition groups.

Kabale RDC rallies Nrm leadership to empower supporters to neutralize all opposition groups.

By Alex Byakatonda.


The Kabale Resident District Commissioner, Godfrey Nyakahuma, said that there is a need for the National Resistance Movement-NRM party leadership in Kabale district to devise means to support, galvanize and empower their supporters in order to neutralize all opposition groups in the district.

Nyakahuma, made the observation today while meeting the leadership of Kigezi Action for Development-KAD, a National Resistance Movement-NRM pressure group, which has membership in all the districts of Kigezi region.

The members included, Barnabas Tugumisirize, the chairperson and his other executive members, who included, Christmas Turyomurugyendo, Shallot Kemigisha, Edmond Kato, Samuel Namanya, Michael Arinda and Rogers Kabanda.

Tugumisirize, said that the group was created after realizing that NRM party, was not doing enough in terms of mobilization, cadre recruitment and training of members. He also there have been other social ills like in the party like, intrigue, which he said led the party to lose most key seats in the January 2021 elections, after members were divided along religious lines. The KAD members also requested MR Nyakahuma, to forward their request to President about choosing a suitable person, who will take over the NRM party mantle from him in future, among other issues.

They also complained about continued rampant intermittent power supply and the continued closure of Katuna border, which they said have derailed development in the district.

The RDC, said that the NRM party enjoys massive support in Kabale district among all age groups, including the youths, adding that what needs to be done is to consolidate this support in order to beat all the opposition party candidates.

Mr Nyakahuma, who promised to forward the issues raised by KAD members, called on NRM members to cherish ethical virtues of discipline and cohesion in order to build a unite party.


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  • Turyomurugyendo chrismas Reply

    Thanks for the good story Mr Byakatonda.
    District communications officer kabale.

    October 19, 2021 at 3:03 am

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