Security heightened in Kabale over continued terror threats on Uganda.

Security heightened in Kabale over continued terror threats on Uganda.

By Alex Byakatonda

In the wake of Tuesday’s twin bombings in Kampala that left 7 people dead and over 30 others injured, security authorities have come up with measures to heighten surveillance and alertness to avert any possible terror threats.

The two bombs which were claimed by the Islamic State-IS terrorist group, went off at the Central Police station-CPS Kamapala and along the parliamentary avenue.

According to the Kabale Resident district commissioner, Godfrey Nyakahuma, the district security committee held an extra-ordinary security committee today in the Kabale district boardroom, in which they came up with a series of measures to be enforced in order for the public to be watchful over their lives and property.
Nyakahuma noted that they agreed to meet leaders of public places like churches, markets, hotels, lodges and taxi and bus parks to educate them about the measures and how they should be enforced. Some of the measures include installation of metal detectors at all public like churches, markets and taxi and bus parks. Taxi and bus operators and boda riders, were tasked to be conscious about their clients and not to transport any suspicious people, who could be catastrophic to them.

Nyakahuma, added that they intend to increase security deployment at educational institutions like Universities and thereby tasking leaders of these institutions to also come up with security measures to be enforced in the institutions. He also ordered hotel and lodge owners, to register their daily customers so as to keep a record of them. He also tasked the LC1 chairpersons to register all residents in their areas to avoid any chances of anybody with an ill intention coming to stay there in.

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