Lake Bunyonyi/lake of small birds

The lava dammed lake is just too amazing when it comes to touring. It has breathtaking views where you totally inhale oxygen not polluted by fumes and gases from motorists and industries like the capital city.

Bunyonyi in the native language means small birds and harbors up to 200 bird species including Herons, egrets, African Harrier Hawk, grey crowned cranes among others.

The lake is the second deepest after Tanzania’s Lake Tanganyika in Africa with up to a maximum depth of 900m approximately 2953 feet. The lake is also the feature that appears on the 5000 shillings currency note of Uganda currency.

Islands of lake Bunyonyi
These are also a magical thing you wouldn’t want to leave Kabale without seeing.

First, I will brief you of the smallest and no life-supporting island found on lake bunyonyi. It is so small to even enable you to sustain a living there for a couple of days. Known to most as the punishment island it is a place where girls among the native tribe of the bakiga were taken and abandoned provided they had acquired a pregnancy outside wedlock.