Kabale District Council Approves the 2024/25 FY Budget totaling to 49 Billion Shillings.

Kabale District Council Approves the 2024/25 FY Budget totaling to 49 Billion Shillings.

By Alex Byakatonda


Communications officer-Kabale


Kabale District council has today approved the 2024/25 Financial Year budget estimates totaling to 49,153,823,000sh (Forty billion one hundred fifty-three million eight hundred twenty-three thousand shillings.

The motion to table the budget estimates was moved by the District Chairperson, Nelson Nshangabasheija before it was unanimously approved by the council

Nshangabasheija noted that budget estimates reflect the district’s commitment and determination in prioritizing core programs that are crucial in transforming the District towards the Middle-Income status.

He added that the 2024/25 budget estimates reflect an increase of 12% amounting to 5,217,775,000=(Five billion two hundred and seventeen million seven hundred and seven five thousand shillings from 43,937,050,000= ( Forty three billion nine hundred thirty seven million fifty thousand shillings only) in the current Fiscal Year.

Nshangabasheija attributed the budget increment to conditional non-wage grant enhancement to cater for pension, gratuity/pension arrears and salary arrears, as well as transitional development ad hoc to cater for the construction of a Multi-purpose block at Ndorwa Secondary school, construction of administration block for Kitumba Sub county and construction works at Butanda Secondary school.

According to the budget estimates, the biggest source of funding for the next financial year budget is, central Government transfers at a tune of 47,789,323,000sh (Forty-Seven billion, seven hundred and twenty-three million three hundred and twenty-three thousand shillings, equivalent to 97.2 %.


The other funding sources are local revenue, which is projected at 737,560,000ssillings (Seven hundred and thirty-seven million five hundred and sixty thousand shillings, while donor funding is projected to be 627,940,000= (Six hundred twenty-seven million, nine hundred and forty thousand shillings only).


According to the budget estimates, human capital development takes the lions share at 29,127,270,000, = followed by private sector transformation at 11,487,998,000= Others sectors include integrated transport infrastructure and services with 2,581,998,000sh, Agro-industrialization with 2,008,677,000=, Governance and Security with 1,568,179,000= and Natural Resources, Environment, Climate Change, Lands and Water with 1,432,378,000= among others.











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