Kabale District council lays and approves draft budget estimates for the 2023/24 FY.

Kabale District council lays and approves draft budget estimates for the 2023/24 FY.

By Alex Byakatonda


Communications officer-Kabale



Kabale District council has today unanimously approved draft budget estimates for the 2023/24 Fiscal year totaling to 37,054,541,000 shillings.

The motion for laying of the budget estimates was tabled the district LC5 Chairperson, Nelson Nshangabasheija, before the district council that was presided over by speaker, Flavia Kanagizi, in accordance with section 77, sub section (1) of the Local Government Act Cap 243.

According to the draft budget estimates, education is expected to be the highest funded sector to a tune of 18,817,497,073 shillings, followed by health at health is allocated 8,493,116,225 shillings.

Other sectors include, administration, which is expected will take 2,745,666,965 shillings, roads and engineering will take 2,789,914,000shs,  finance will take 357,392,000 shillings, statutory bodies and commissions will take 675,073,879 shillings, production and marketing will 1,282,715,946 shillings. Water has been allocated 926,462,323 shillings, Natural Resources management is allocated 489,377,875 shillings, community based services will take 193,703,482, planning will take 167,054,052 shillings, internal audits is allocated 44,479,951 shillings, will trade industry and local government will take 72,087,229

Section 77, sub section (6), also adds that the district of the local government shall not later than the first day of April, cause to be prepared and laid before council, the estimates of the revenue and expenditure of the council for the next financial year.

In the meantime, the district council also unanimously approved the draft consolidated annual workplan the draft consolidated annual workplan for the FY 2023/24, Procurement plan FY 2023/24, Capacity building plan FY2023/24 and the draft Revenue enhancement plan-FY 2023/24.


Section 35, sub section (1) of the local Government Act Cap 243, as amended states that the District Council shall have a planning Authority of the district.


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