Kabale District moves to award best performing schools.

Kabale District moves to award best performing schools.

By Alex Byakatonda.



Communications officer-Kabale



The Kabale district council yesterday unanimously approved a recommendation by the Health, Education & Sport community-based services standing committee to award the best academic performing primary school in the district with 1million shillings, as one of the means to motivate teachers and learners in a bid to improve on academic performance in the district.


The motion to approve the recommendation of the committee was contained in a report presented before the council by the committee’s chairperson and also southern division female district council councillor, Lydia Turyasingura, before it was unanimously adopted and approved by council that was presided over by the district’s speaker Flavia Nyinagiza Kanagizi.


Nyinakiiza, said that they undertook the strategy to motivate schools to ensure improved performances in schools. She adds that the onus was left on the schools to determine what they want to use the money for.


The Kabale District LC5 Chairperson, Nelson Nshangabasheija, says that all the district’s efforts are geared towards improving academic performances especially in government aided primary schools.



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