Distribution of Mosquito nets for Kabale District to start on Friday 20th October.

Distribution of Mosquito nets for Kabale District to start on Friday 20th October.

By Alex Byakatonda



Communications officer-Kabale.


Kabale District is are this week set to run a two-day mass distribution of Insecticide treated mosquito nets to all households in the district.

The district recently received 160720 nets from National Medical stores as part of the countrywide distribution program of aimed at curbing down cases of malaria.


Now, the Kabale District Health Educator, Alfred Besigensi, the mosquito nets, which are already of stores at the parishes, are to be distributed to beneficiaries on Friday and Saturday this week. He adds that every household will get a maximum of five nets depending on the number of people in a household.

According to Besigensi, the district registered a total of 7022 cases of malaria in 2022, whereas 2709 malaria cases were recorded between January to June 2023.


The Monitoring and Evaluation Team Leader from the Ministry of Health, Alex Musinguzi, said that distribution exercise will commence with the training for Sub County teams and Village Health Teams-VHTs who will help in the collection of data from each household before exercise.


The Government with support from Global Fund against Malaria Foundation is distributing 28.5 million mosquito nets to household as part of a malaria control approach.

According to the 2021 world Malaria report by the World Health Organization, Uganda has made significant progress of reducing malaria transmission from 42 percent in 2009 to 09 percent in 2018.


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